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Organic growth is the
lifeblood of organizations.


Be a Champion Producer

Crush 2022 Organic Growth!

Organic growth is the lifeblood of every Agency and every Producer.  And, you want your to crush your organic revenue growth goals in 2022, becoming a sales champion!

Amazing Organic $ Growth

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In order to crush Organic Growth in 2022, you need to start filling your pipeline with high quality leads … like, NOW!

Become a lead magnet




of salespeople do not generate
enough qualified leads
to reach revenue goals.

Value Selling

Recipe for Missing Your Goals:

Doing Things The Same Old Way

The problem is the strategies that worked in the past don’t work the same in today’s new normal.  Doing things the same old way yields fewer and fewer results every month. 

As a result, 53% of sales leaders surveyed say that the inability to generate enough qualified leads through prospecting is a top barrier to reaching goals. 69% of sales reps say they don’t have enough leads in their pipeline to reach their sales goals.

Mounting Frustration

Working ever harder for less results is frustrating!  Figuring out what works best in today’s new normal can be confusing and time consuming.

You are smart and could figure it out.  Right?  But you’re busy.  Let’s face it, you don’t have time to figure out what works in this new normal through trial and error.  And, why waste time re-inventing the wheel anyway?  And, outside vendors promise amazing results, yet usually leave you on your own to figure out how to implement what they are selling.  It’s normal to be confused or frustrated right now.

of salespeople
will miss quota.


Continuous training gives
50% greater net sales per employee!

Value Selling

Be A Champion Producer

Crush Revenue Goals in Today’s Market

At PeopleInsure, we believe you can seize the opportunities that today’s new normal gives you and achieve game-changing organic growth. (“Aahhh … love that feeling of being a Champion Producer in the agency!“)

That’s why we created the XLurate|Revenue, to enable you to accelerate your successes in today’s new normal … crushing your 2022 organic growth and revenue goals!

 We Believe

You Can Enjoy Amazing Organic Growth

You can begin to accelerate your organic growth!


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Save time … no re-inventing the wheel


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Enjoy your 2022 pipeline filling with a consistent flow of high-quality leads!

What You Will Experience

in the $ales Accelerator Challenge

XLurate | Revenue is the only sales enablement program that integrates all 5 areas that you must master to succeed, and accelerate, your organic growth in today’s new normal!  In this Challenge, you will experience 5 powerful sessions from XLurate | Revenue.  So, check out how you can accelerate your organic growth … FREE for a limited time only! 

You Will Learn to RRRuN!

October 3-7, 2022

2:00pm pm ET

Live, Online Sessions via Zoom (recordings posted same day)

RRRuN Area Session
Retention Making the Competition Irrelevant Part 1
The Power to 10X Your Results
Revenue Per Client Reclaim Lost Revenue Opportunities
Capturing Revenue Hiding in Plain Sight
Referrals Doubling Your Referrals
Earning the Right to Ask
New Business If you do nothing else, do this.
The Power of Partners
Review & Feedback Improve results, even more!
Review, Feedback and Your Questions Answered


You Will Receive

♦  What to Do
    High Impact Strategy to Accelerate Revenue Growth

♦  How to Do It
Power Plays Jump Start Results

♦  Do It Faster
Templates Get Your Started Faster

♦  Do it Better
Review, Feedback, Q&A Improve Results
(Live Attendees only)

Recordings available during the challenge


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    RRRuN Revenue Accelerator Roadmap

    How Agents Accelerate Organic Growth!

    Planning increases follow-through 10x!

    • 4 Methods to grow agency revenue
    • Roadmap for ending 2022 a champion Producer
    • Accelerate Your Successes


    Revenue Accelerator Roadmap

    Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

    No one knows exactly what is going to happen throughout this crisis and recovery.  What we do know is what has worked amazingly well.  And, we know the proven process to adapt and innovate for success in today’s rapidly evolving environment.  You see, we’re not just teachers and consultants … we’ve done it ourselves!  Here are some of the amazing results your guides have achieved their careers:



    Return on Investment

    Direct Sales

    6 and 7 Figure Online Sales Campaigns

    Why We’re Different

    XLurate | Revenue is the ONLY  sales enablement program that integrates all 5 areas that you must master to succeed, and accelerate, your organic growth in today’s new normal!  In this Challenge, you will experience 5 powerful sessions from XLurate | Revenue … FREE.

    Unlike most sales training, this week is designed for ACTION.  So, we’ll get right to the point.  What do you need to DO to generate a flow of qualified leads in 2022?  (We’ll leave the academic research, real world examples and detailed explanations for other sessions.)

    Each day we’ll cover one of our top 4 winning strategies to fill your pipeline in today’s new normal.  In only about 30 minutes, we’ll quickly explain the strategy, one proven technique to apply the strategy and give you a Power Play to use that very day to begin the process of filling your pipeline.  On the 5th day, we’ll give you our 2022 Organic Growth Roadmap that you can customize to achieve your goals.

    We will include one top winning strategy for each of the 4 pillars of the RRRuN Revenue Accelerator Framework.  If you don’t know the RRRuN Framework, download your FREE report here. 

    Sales Accelerator Challenge