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We Believe

We believe in “doing well by doing good”, as Benjamin Franklin said. We believe that we are all better and stronger together.  We believe that insurance agents and small businesses are uniquely positioned to provide jobs, foster the economic health and contribute to the cultural vibrancy of a community.  We believe that economic health enables and inspires people to pay-it-forward.

PeopleInsure is dedicated to helping you succeed and inspiring giving back to others and our communities.  Please enjoy this video outlining how our core beliefs shape our vision in today’s COVID-19 crisis and recovery.   Join us in the #RallyNow Challenge.

Join the #RallyNow Challenge

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a movement where at least 10,000 insurance agents, small businesses and individuals commit to doing well while giving back to others.  We will accomplish this by engaging, training, collaborating and inspiring 10,000 insurance agents, small businesses and individuals committed to:

1)  Doubling their income, providing jobs and economic health to their communities.

2)  Giving back to others, supporting small businesses and building your community, in way(s) that you chose and inspire you to action.

3)  Sharing, inspiring and collaborating with others to expand benefits to as many people as we can. 

How We Create Value for You

Leverage our unique blend of combining the latestest academic research, proven best-of-breed methodologies and real-world industry experience to achieve your goals more quickly.

Your successes are accelerated by improving the performance, including return on investment, of your people, processes and technology to the level that is required to achieve your goals.

Why We Began 

PeopleInsure began in 2001 to adapt and scale the proven best-of-breed solutions from Fortune 500, High Tech and other businesses to the insurance agents to accelerate your successes.   Recently we have expanded to include other small businesses to promote jobs and the helath of our communities.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Our Team is dedicated to accelerating your successes and giving back to our communities. 

Senior Management and Consulting Practice Leaders:

25+ years accelerating the successes of Insurance Agents, MGAs, Carriers, Fortune 500 and High Tech companies by improving the performance & ROI of people, processes and technology.   Achieved increases in ROI up to 48% and in sales up to 22%.

Rebecca L Koos

Founder & President, PeopleInsure

25+ Years maximizing results of organizations and individuals in Small Business, Real Estate and Legal fields to achieve their goals via best-of-breed management, marketing and coaching.  Achieved multiple online marketing programs producing millions in sales.

L Megan McLaughlin

COO & VP Marketing, PeopleInsure

25 Years achieving goals in business development (direct sales, marketing, sales coaching), HR & executive management. Achieved Lifetime Achievement Award; domestic and international sales of over $1 Billion.


J Donald Williams

VP Sales, PeopleInsure

Companies We’ve Helped

Our executive consultants have successfully completed projects helping the following companies achieve their goals.

Insurance & Agency Consulting

How our executive consultants have helped 1000’s of Insurance Agents, MGAs and Carriers Accelerate Their Success.

Operational Excellence ROI

Up to a 46% ROI improvement on people, processes and technology by driving Operational Excellence to bottom line results. Consulting engagements include agency management system & technology optimization, accounting and data integrity, client service & experience rejuvenation and best practice business processes implementation and beyond.

Accelerate Revenue

Successfully Train Insurance Agents and Small Businesses to Generate More Renevue,
including Sales, Marketing and Service that Sells.

Sales Training

Produced Corporate Sales Training

System Implementation

Successfully implemented Personal Lines Service Center agency management system.

Corporate Online Learning

Designed and implemented Corporate-wide eLearning strategy, program and L/CMS system. 

Human Resource Support

Designed and facilitated Employee Satisfaction Focus Groups to identify corporate change strategies.

Corporate Consulting

How our executive consultants have helped Fortune 500, High Tech,
Financial Services and other corporations Accelerate Their Success.

Sales Training

Successful Sales Training for HP Central & South America achieved a 22% performance improvement.

Concierge Client Experience Training

Produced the premiere Concierge Service Training for the leading service excellecce training company in the US.

System Implementation and Business Process Re-enginngineering

Implemented US Logistics System and Re-engineer Best Practices Business Processes.

Supervisory Training

Redesign and develop Corporate Supervisor Training.

Online eLearning

Produced state-of-the art corporate eLearning & Promotional Videos.