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About Us

Our Approach

We combine:

  • insurance industry best practices
  • high-impact performance improvement solutions used by successful Fortune 500 and high tech companies
  • latest academic research on customer behavior

to adapt and scale solutions designed to transform insurance agents and agencies, providing a competitive advantage that enables them to accelerate how quickly they achieve and exceed their goals.

Pay It Forward

Why do we do this? Because we believe abundance helps lift people up, enriches lives and provides a platform from which we can all give back to other people, our communities, our country and our world.

Join us in paying forward!

Meet the Team

Our Senior Management and Consulting Team are dedicated to your success and giving back to our communities.

Rebecca L. Koos

Founder & CEO & Director of Operations & Client Experience Consulting

For over 25 years Ms. Koos has leveraged state-of-the-art performance improvement solutions to enable insurance agents, MGAs, carriers, Fortune 500 and high tech companies accelerate their successes.

Megan McLaughlin

Vice President & Director Of Marketing Consulting

For over 25 years Mrs. McLaughlin has leveraged her exceptional management, coaching and marketing expertise to enable both individuals and small businesses achieve their goals.

J. Donald Williams, PhD

Vice President & Director of Sales Consulting

Dr. Williams combines his ivy league academic research with real-world multi-million dollar sales experience to coach and consult with companies, executives, sales associates and companies to transform sales results.

Next Steps…

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