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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Are the programs & solutions personalized?

All of our solutions are already taylored to insurance agencies / agents.

And, we can further customize and personalize them to meet your specific needs and goals.

Are there service levels that I can select from?

We have three Levels of Services for most of our Solutions:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) – Learn the strategies, principles and tactics that you need, including real-world expamples. 
  • Done With You (DWY) – Add group and/or individual coaching to have an experienced professional guide you through customized design, developement and implemention of your plan … further accelerating your successes.
  • Done For You (DFY) – Focus on your priorities and let us do the rest for you.
Who develops and delivers the programs, products and consulting?

All of our products and services are developed and overseen by our senior team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field.

All of our consulting is delivered by professionals with over 20 years in the field.

All other services are delivered by profressionals with 10 or more years of experience in the field.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

The speed of your results depends upon a number of factors, including the levels of your goals, starting point, skills, resources, focus, action, learning style, time dedicated, executive suppport, etc.  In all levels, we’ve found that people who do what we teach and recommend achieve the more results, more quickly working with PeopleInsure.

Are your products and services expensive?

Our goal is to help as many agents / agencies as possible.  Therefore, we keep our rates competitive and deliver high value with every service.

If we hire you are we committed to you for the long term?

Our motto is to leave you as self-sufficient as you want to be.

The length of the engagement depends upon your needs and goals.  It also is dependent upon which Service Level you prefer.  We personalize our program to your wants, needs and goals.  We are happy to provide independent study, get you started and teach you how to continue independently, stay engaged until you achieve your goals, or to continue to do the work that you don’t want to do on a project or long term basis.

I'm busy. Can you just do it for me?

For most of our solutions, we have a Do It For You option.  In these cases, we do the work instead of you having to divert staff from their primary responsibilities and/or highering additional staff.  

Our consultants have broad and deep expertise, as well as the ability to focus on your goals.  This enables us to complete tasks more accurately, quickly and typically with even better results.

About Our Services

XLurate | Revenue

RRRuN: Organic Growth Accelerator

  • Revenue per Client
  • Retention
  • Referrals
  • New Business
XLurate | Operations

Make Operational Excellence your competitive advantage:

  • Client Experience Management
  • Best Practices … and Beyond!: Stop wasting time and money
  • Technology: Optimize utilization of your agency management system and other technologies to better serve your clients
  • Ops and Admin
  • Accounting, Data Integrity and Reporting: Enable better decision making
  • Onboarding
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Finance, Profitability & EBITA
XLurate | M&A or Perpetuation


  • Buyers: Maximize the ROI of your purchased agencies and books
    • Due Dilligence support
    • Onboarding success
    • Maximizing ROI by enabling success of purchased agency
  • Sellers:
    1. Maximize your agency’s value
    2. Due Dilligence support
    3. Earn your full performance based pay-out


  • Maximize your agency’s value
  • Selecting and preparing the purchasing partner (Producer, employee, family, etc.)
  • Transitioning successfully



XLurate | Sales

Learn how to achieve and exceed your sales goals.

  • Next-level Sales Framework
  • Proven Strategies
  • Power-Plays
  • 4 Pillars of Performance Improvement
  • Sales enablement technology
  • High-impact Group and/or Individual coaching
XLurate | Marketing

Proven high-impact methods to attract, nurture, convert and asccend Raving Fan clients that buy more, stick longer and refer others.

  • Omni-channel: Integrating traditional and digital marketing
  • Digital Marketing Success
  • Marketing enablement: CRMs and other technology
  • Building & implemting high-impact campaigns
XLurate | Client Experience

Today’s buyer wants much more than a product, service or promise.  They are seeking a personalized experience that exceeds their expectations from people they trust.  Are you positioned to deliver that?

XLurate | Service that Sells

The least expensive way to grow revenue is by using your most powerful assets … your service staff and clients.  Learn how to incorporate sales into all of your service touchpoints.

XLurate | Technology

Maximize the utilization of your agency management system, CRM, Rater, Submissions, Sales Enablement and other technology use by agencies to enable your success.  PeopleInsure pricipal consultants are experts on multiple agency management systems.

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